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The Downloads Section! More cities added!

Also, have a peep at the System Requirements Page if you want to know if your Mac can handle the power of THE Game!

Remember to type Ctrl Alt + C to get the cheats box first!

Only cheats that actually work and are helpful are listed here. Other sites may have 5 pages worth of cheat codes but most of them, apart from these,  only make something come up on the news ticker. If YOU have any cheats that actually work to help, please e-mail them to me.



I am weak

Lets you build anything or change terrain without you having to pay for anything.

Power to the masses

Lets you build every type of power plant whatever time period you are in.

Garbage in, garbage out

Lets you build every type of garbage structure when ever you feel like,       without having to wait until the year 2200!

Water in the desert

Lets you build every type of water structure whatever time period you want.

Call cousin vinnie

Only works once: gives you 100 000 Simeleons. Look under the MEET section under: "Local Fund Raising Event" .Accept the deal to get the money.


Only works if you rejected Vinnie's deal: type it in and get look in the reward section to find a castle in the Rewards Section.

Pay tribute to your King

Type this in and find every single reward available to be built in the Rewards Section.

Let’s make a deal

All neighbours offer to make deals with you. Must be conected to neighbours by road, rail, have a sea or airport.


Too HOT for most people!


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