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The Downloads Section! More cities added!

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Welcome to my downloads page! You can download any of the cities below!

All these cities are zipped up. If you don’t already have it, you can download WINZIP by clicking here.

All you have to do is find a city which you like and then click on its name (which is a link.). Then it will ask whether you want to save the city or open it there itself. Choose save and save it wherever you want in your hard drive. Then, once it has saved, you can run it and have fun building.

Most of the cities will have quite a lot of space left over for you to build on.

Vinville: A member of VinNation. The Capital in fact. This is doing great! I always wanted to have a ‘matured city’ that is one which needs tons and tons of commercial, as opposed to the normal industrial that you need at the beginning of a game. Still room for expansion though and I’d love to see what you can do with it! E-mail it back to me here.

Squaro: the first city which I built which actually worked well. I managed to get a method of organising the layout of the city so that everything worked well. Download it and have fun! There is tons of room left over. Once you start improving and/or fill up the whole land mass, e-mail it back to me of you want and I’ll create a section where people can download your cities.

Squaro Amazing: This is an improved version of my first ever ‘Squaro’. It is larger and has more money in the reserves. Aura could do with a boost though! I have set out the residential, commercial and industrial zones in a special arrangement, just as in Squaro. Look at the city’s ‘Zone’ view to see what it’s like. You can use it too and see what happens in your own cities. Have fun.

Metrodom: This is my brother’s first city. He managed to get it booming before I figured out how to. Anyway, there is again, quite a lot of space left over for expansion. The city is very haphazardly built.

Alpha: This is the first city which I built called Alpha. I converted it to SimCity 3000 format, but I already had an Alpha. So I renamed it Alpha1. It has an average income of about 9,000 Simeleons. It also has a population of around 132,000 Sims and about 1,000,000 Simeleons in the bank. Have fun with it!